Catalog 2023-24 
    Jun 24, 2024  
Catalog 2023-24 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Full-Time Faculty

Adala, Ahmed. (2014). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., M.S., Northeastern Illinois University.

Blankenship, Amy. (2022). Faculty, Nursing. B.S., Oregon Health & Science University; M.S., Western Governor’s University.

Brandsness, William P. (2010). Program Lead and Faculty, Computer Information Systems. B.S., University of Oregon; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; M.S., Boston University.

Briscoe, Jennifer. (2012). Program Lead and Faculty, Health Information Management. B.S., Grand Canyon University; M.B.A., H.C.M., University of Phoenix; HIM, RHIA, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bullock, Peggy. (2015). Program Lead and Faculty, Education. A.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; B.S., Southern Oregon University; M.Ed., Freed-Hardeman University.

Cassady, Mark. (2011). Faculty, Anatomy & Physiology. B.S., Portland State University.

Cochran, Jo Whitehorse. (2007). Faculty, Arts & Communication. B.A., M.A., University of Washington.

Culp, Marylin. (2005). Faculty, Health Science & Program Director, Nursing Assistant. A.D.N., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Fritz, Kelley. (2021). Program Lead and Faculty, Early Childhood Education. B.S., Oregon State University; M.S., Southern Oregon University.

Gravley, James. (2018). Program Lead and Faculty, Criminology. B.S., Portland State University; M.S., Eastern Oregon University.

Gutierrez, Eleazar. (2007). Faculty, Biology & Physics. B.S., Oregon State University.

Hammond, Lacey. (2018). Program Lead and Faculty, Accounting. A.A.S., Klamath Community College; B.S., Eastern Oregon University; M.B.A., Eastern Oregon University.

Hansen, Joni. (2017). Faculty, Mathematics. Program Lead, Exercise Science. B.S., Utah Valley University; M.A.S., Colorado State University; MSSCP, Southern Utah University.

Harpham, George. (2014). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., Southern Oregon University; M.A., University of Phoenix.

Huston, Dr. Jeremy. (2019). Faculty, Writing. A.A., Columbia Basin College; B.A., M.A., Eastern Washington University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

Jones, Dawn. (2018). Faculty, Health Information Management. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Lanning, Kasey. (2005). Program Lead and Faculty, Emergency Management Services. A.G.S. Klamath Community College.

Lanning, Troy. (2017). Faculty, Cybersecurity & Networking. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; M.S., Arizona State University. 

Mann, Dr. Barbara. (2007). Faculty, Chemistry. B.S., Northland College; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Mosley, Lindsay. (2019). Faculty, Nursing, B.S.N., M.S.N., Western Governors University.

Nejely, Tom. (2000). Faculty, History & Geography. B.A., M.A., UC Riverside; M.A., Vermont College.

Pence, Stanley. (2016). Program Lead and Faculty, Computer Aided Design. B.S., San Jose State University; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Perez de Souza, Isadora Gomes. (2022). Program Lead and Faculty, Agriculture. B.S., M.S., Federal University of Lavras.

Pestano, Wendy. (2023). Faculty, Nursing. B.S.N., State University of New York.

Peterson, Cherrilynn. (2022). Faculty, Cosmetology. A.A., Klamath Community College.

Russell, Denise. (2021) Program Lead and Faculty, Psychology. B.S., East Tennessee State University; M.A., East Tennessee State University.

Sanchez, Verlie RaeMona. (2022). Program Lead and Faculty, Cosmetology. B.S., Oregon State University.

Saunders, Cathy. (2006). Program Lead and Faculty, Business Technology. B.S., Oregon State University; M.S., Southern Oregon University.

Scala, Nicholas. (2019). Program Lead and Faculty, Diesel Technology. A.S., Walla Walla Community College.

Shrontz, Dr. Jason. (2021). Faculty, Communications. B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University; M.A., Northern Michigan University; M.F.A., Northern Michigan University; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island.

Thomas, Johnna. (2022). Faculty, Cosmetology. A.S., Klamath Community College.

Walter, Matthew. (2011). Program Lead and Faculty, WeldingLos Positas College; Teaching Credential, UC Berkeley Extension; Certification, American Welding Society; Certificate, A.A., College of San Mateo.

Williamson, Linda Davenport. (2004). Program Lead and Faculty, Business Administration. B.S., Southern Oregon University; M.M., Southern Oregon University.

Wilson, Dodi. (2013). Faculty, Biology. B.S., UC Davis; M.S., Colorado State University.

Wogan, Mary Lou. (2003). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., University of Oregon; M.S., Southern Oregon University.

Part-Time Faculty

Alaniz, Wesley. Emergency Response Operations.

Andre, Raquel. Arts and Letters.

Aspell-Wall, Lauren. College Success and Survival.

Atkin, Suzanne J. Writing and Communication.

Baker, Bradley. Digital Media Technology

Baker, Megan. Digital Media Technology

Ball, Rick. Arts and Letters.

Barnett, Jacob. Emergency Response Operations.

Bray, Jesse. Digital Media Technology.

Carter-Arias, Melanie. Social Sciences.

Chamberlin, Douglas. Computer Engineering Technology.

Chandler, James. Apprenticeship Related Training

Chase, Morgan. Mathematics.

Collins, Catherine. Mathematics.

Collison, Karin. Writing and Communication.

Comer, Michele. Early Childhood Education.

Cooper, Nigel. Aviation.

Davis, Lindsey. Writing and Communication.

Day, Brianna. Science.

Denney, Gary. Fire Science.

Dickerson, Ryan. Fire Science.

Dwinnells, Steve. Social Science.

Ellis, Corri. Business Management.

Engler, Cody. Fire Science.

Fenyk, Juliet M. Social Sciences. 

Fox, Amy. Cooperative Work Experience

Fridley, Colt. Aviation.

Friend, Brandon. Fire Science.

Gordon, Heidi. Agriculture.

Gordon, Stanley. Agriculture.

Griffith, Mark. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Hockersmith, Patrick. Writing and Communication.

Hoegee, David. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Horne, Michelle. Cooperative Work Experience.

Jones, Zach. College Success and Survival.

Kindt, Derek. Management.

Kleinjan, Wesley. Fire Science.

Knight, Jean. Writing and Communication.

Larson, David. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Letzring, Kyra. Addiction Studies.

Li, Hui-Yun. Science.

LoMonaco, Andrea. Writing and Communication.

Maurer, Gaylyn. Social Sciences.

McDougal, Mark. College Success and Survival, Criminal Justice.

McInnis, Joy. Physical Education.

McLennon, Everald. Agriculture, Science.

McMann, Patricia H. Business Management.

McVay, Tatiana. Science.

Mercado Rojano de Ratliff, Ana. Arts and Letters.

Meyer, Ryan. Fire Science.

Oden, Dennis. Business Management, Criminal Justice, Agriculture.

Pascual, Manuela. Physical Education.

Rae, Erin. Aviation.

Riblett, Daniel. Emergency Response Operations.

Robles, Keyan. Aviation.

Rodriguez, Filomeno. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Rose, Anthony. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Rudniki, Jon. Arts and Letters.

Runyan, Michelle. Arts and Letters.

Schacht, Patrick. Emergency Response Operations.

Shaw, Mary. Agriculture.

Shay, Mark. Emergency Response Operations.

Shearer, Jerry. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Showalter, Barry. Science.

Solyst, Daniel T.  Mathematics.

Strunk, Ann. General Education Computers.

Taylor, Kristine. Health Science.

Taysom, Lois. Mathematics.

Tracy, Jeffrey. College Success, Digital Media Technology.

Vallis, Lance. Arts and Letters.

VanPelt, Matthew. Aviation.

Ware, Steven. Criminal Justice.

West, Michael. Science, Health Information Management.

Wieting, Tyler. Apprenticeship Related Training.

Williams, Joanna. Addiction Studies.

Wood, Margaret. Arts and Letters, Writing and Communication.

Woolsey, Daren. Digital Media Technology.

Worden, Edis. Social Sciences.

Young, Christopher. Arts and Letters.