Catalog 2021-22 
    Jun 24, 2024  
Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Baker, Bradley. (2019). Database Report Writer. A.S., Klamath Community College.

Baker, Megan. (2017). Webmaster. A.S., Klamath Community College.

Baker, Nicole. (2015). Accountant. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Ball, Richard. (2018). Learning Resource Center Director. B.A., University of Oregon; M.L.S., Clarion University.

Bartels, Kathy. (2021). Marketing Manager. B.A., Oregon State University.

Breedlove, Paul. (1999). Director of Information Services. Automotive Technology and Computer Science, Oregon Institute of Technology.

Cargill, Michael. (2020). Director of Workforce Development. B.S., Eastern Oregon University.

Childs, Shannon. (2009). Executive Administrative Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Education.

Daniel, Rochelle. (2019). Instructional Designer. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Dill, Aaron. (2020). Systems Optimization and Integration Manager. B.A., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Dill, Jared. (2015). Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Driver, Nyesia. (2020). TRiO Upward Bound Academic Advisor. B.A., University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Edgell, David. (2018). Assessment and Curriculum Coordinator. B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.A., Texas Tech University.

Evory, Robert. (2020). Academic Affairs Coordinator. B.A., Western Michigan University; M.A., Syracuse University; PhD., Western Michigan University.

Fiscus, Tricia. (2019). Vice President of Administrative Services. A.A.S., B.S., Lewis-Clark State College; M.S., University of Idaho.

Gilder, Carly. (2020). Bookstore/Purchasing Specialist. B.A., University of Oregon.

Gutierrez, Dr. Roberto. (2012). President.  A.A., Columbia Basin Community College; B.S., Washington State University; M.S., Heritage University; Ed.D., Oregon State University.

Gutierrez, Tessa. (2017). High School Equivalency Program (HEP) Coordinator. B.A. George Fox University.

Haskins, Diane. (2019). Grant Accountant. B.S. University of Phoenix.

Heap, Tracy. (2012). Director of Veterans Services. B.A., West Virginia University.

Heidrich, Roman. (2019). TRiO Upward Bound Academic Advisor. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Hendrickson, Nathan. (2014). Director of Financial Aid. A.S., Klamath Community College; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Hennessey, Carolyn. (2020). Human Resources Manager. B.A., University of California at Davis; M.A., Bastyr University.

Herrera, Oscar. (2016). Director of Retention and Student Success.

Homfeldt, Mike. (2012). Facilities Director. B.A., Western Washington University.  

Horne, Michelle. (2017). Career Counselor. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Jarrell, Lacey. (2016). Public Information Officer. A.S., Linn-Benton Community College; B.S., University of Oregon.      

Jennings, Bill. (2004). Interim Vice President of Student Affairs. B.A., San Jose State University; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; M.A., University of Phoenix.

Jennings, Jamie. (2001). Vice President of Academic Affairs. B.A., Stanford University; M.S., University of Oregon.

Jones, Annette. (2005). Administrative Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs, Scheduling and Curriculum Specialist. A.A.S., Klamath Community College.

Jones, Jordan. (2012). Transcript Specialist.

Kautzman, Ian. (2018). Distance Education Coordinator. A.A., Klamath Community College; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

LaHaie, Geoff. (2019). Director of the Business Office and Controller. B.S. Western Michigan University; M.B.A., Western Michigan University.

LaHaie, Dr. Jeanne. (2016). Dean of Instruction. A.A., Kalamazoo Valley Community College; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Western Michigan University.

Lawson, Peter. (2019). Director of Resource Development. B.A., University of Oregon.

Lee, Sherrie. (2020). Career Advisor. AA-OT, Rogue Community College.

Massie, Charles. (2016). Executive Director of the External Programs Division.

Medina, Cathy. (2019). Assistant Director, Klamath Center for Education and Training. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Millsap, Heather. (2020). Student Life Coordinator. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Ochoa, Nannette. (2013). Database Administrator. A.A.S., Klamath Community College.

Pearson, Mike. (2010). Network & Systems Manager. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Richmond, Marsha. (2018) Librarian. M.L.S., Emporia State University.

Rutledge, Kat. (2013). Director, Small Business Development Center. B.A., Eastern Oregon University.

Sanchez, Kaitlyn. (2019). First Year Experience Coordinator/Instructor. A.S., Klamath Community College.

Sansom, Allison. (2019). Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences. B.S.N., Linfield College; M.S.N., Walden University.

Scott, James. (2015). Aviation Program Director. B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Naval Post Graduate School.

Severns, Dale. (2016). Systems & Multimedia Manager. A.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Shabbir, M. (2016). Registrar. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Silvestri, Janice. (2018). TRiO Director. B.A., Southern California College; M.S., California State University, Fullerton; M.A., Kansas State University. 

Stickles, Christopher. (2007). Dean of Career and Technical Education. B.S., University of Great Falls; M.B.A., Marylhurst University.  

Stiller, Elizabeth. (2016). Director of Upward Bound. B.A., Oregon State University; M.A., Grand Canyon University.

Szymoniak, Erin. (2018). Director, Klamath Center for Education and Training. Certificate, College of Western Idaho.

Williams, Hallie. (2019) WIOA Program Support Specialist. MBA Southern Oregon University.

Worden, Edis. (2018). Instructional Innovation Trainer and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. B.S., Eastern Oregon University; M.B.A. Southern Oregon University; M.S. University of Oregon.