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Klamath Community College    
  Sep 23, 2017
Catalog 2017-18

Aviation Science Helicopter AAS

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Two-Year Associate of Applied Science Degree

AAS Aviation Science Helicopter program trains students to work as professional pilots in either the air transportation industry or commercial helicopter industry. Career paths with this degree include the following: commercial pilot, pilot for a private corporation, charter pilot, and flight instructor to new student pilots.

The AAS Aviation Science Helicopter degree program is designed to produce high-quality graduates who are prepared to enter the field as aviation pilots. This field offers high-wage careers that are global in scope. The AAS Aviation Science Helicopter degree provides students with the mandatory flight hours along with industry-specified instruction.

Instruction takes place in a one-to-one student-to-instructor learning environment to ensure that students acquire the academic knowledge necessary to be a safe pilot and to pass the FAA knowledge exams. Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR parts 61 and 141 set forth the qualifications, testing, and certification requirements for pilots, flight instructors, and ground instructors.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Perform calculations required for flight operations.
  • Identify principles of flight pertaining to helicopters.
  • Use communication skills effectively face-to-face and over the radio.
  • Evaluate pilot fitness and proficiency, aircraft airworthiness and capabilities, and environmental conditions prior to each flight.
  • Summarize the test standards and information in order to pass the FAA ride check and obtain: private pilot cert, instrument rating, commercial pilot cert, and certified flight instructor instructor rating.
  • Explain aviation regulations and how they pertain to airport operating procedures, crew rest requirements, general operating flight rules, and flight operations.

Admission Requirements

Candidates considering the Aviation Science Helicopter AAS degree should contact the aviation program lead at (541) 880-2263. The program has special admission requirements and the lead will forward the application to interested candidates. The application has a number of requirements that must be satisfied before the candidate will be admitted into the program. If some of the requirements are not completed, a prospective aviation student may start introductory aviation classes, but a student must be accepted into the program before they can begin ground and flight courses. All applicants who are accepted into the program will receive an orientation.

Program Requirements

Students are required to take a placement test to determine their academic level and readiness to enter the program. General education prerequisites of MTH 070 and WRI 121 will be assessed in this placement test.

Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or higher in technical core courses in order to progress to the next course and remain enrolled in the program.

Number of credit hours necessary for completion: 94

Required Courses

Student Success


Oral Communications

Students must select one course to fullfill this general education requirement.


Students must select one of the following courses to fulfill this general education requirement.


Students must select one course in this requirement. 4.00 credits

Social Sciences

Students must select one course in this requirement. 3.00 credits

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