Catalog 2019-20 
    May 23, 2019  
Catalog 2019-20

Board of Education

The 2019 Klamath Community College Board of Education election will be held on May 21, 2019. Zone 2, Zone 4 and Zone 6 positions are up for election.

The Klamath Community College Board of Education is comprised of seven elected voting members and one non-voting student representative. It has primary authority for establishing policies governing the College’s operations and as well as adopting the annual budget. The Board is charged with responsibility for overseeing the development of programs and services that it believes will appropriately serve the needs of those residing within the College’s service district.




Kate Marquez, Property Rehabilitation.

Term began July 2017. Term expires June 2021.

Zone 1 - North Klamath






Barbara Headden, Retired Administrator.

Term began July 2016. Term expires June 2019.

Zone 2 - Northeast Klamath





Michael Fitzgerald, Master Gardener. 

Term began July 2011. Term expires June 2021.

Zone 3 - Southeast Klamath






Dave Jensen, Business Owner.

Term began July 2009. Term expires June 2019.

Zone 4 - South Klamath






Al King, Business Owner.

Term began July 2009. Term expires June 2021.

Zone 5 - East Klamath






Kathy King, Business Owner.

Term began July 2015. Term expires June 2019.

Zone 6 - At-Large






William Riggs, University Administration Extension/Research.

Term began July 2017. Term expires June 2021.

Zone 7 - At-Large






Kenny DeCrans, ASKCC President.

Term began July 2018. Term expires June 2019.

Non-Voting Student Representative




Oregon State Board of Education

As one of the state’s 17 publicly supported community college districts, KCC operates under the general direction of the Oregon State Board of Education: Anthony Veliz (5th Congressional District); Kimberly Howard (3rd Congressional District); Jerome Colonna (2nd Congressional District); George Russell (At Large); Modesta Minthorn (At Large) and Guadalupe Martinez Zapata (At Large).

In addition, the State Department of Education administration includes Colt Gill (Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction and Director of the Oregon Department of Education) and Patrick Crane (Director, Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development). 


Advisory Committees

More than 70 volunteers are appointed by the KCC Board of Education to 13 advisory committees, which offer professional advice and support to instructional programs, enabling the College to align its programs current workplace practices and employment opportunities.  All career and technical programs have advisory committees. 



The Klamath Community College Foundation raises and invests funds for college programs, scholarships, and capital needs.

Program Support

Because the State of Oregon provides only part of the funding that is needed to finance instructional programs, donations from businesses and individuals are vital to support KCC’s ability to provide education and training to more than 5,000 students each year.


The Foundation solicits funds for scholarships, which allow many individuals to attend college who might not otherwise have the financial means to do so. Tax-deductible gifts to support KCC programs and students should be made payable to: Klamath Community College Foundation, 7390 South Sixth Street, Klamath Falls, OR  97603. Call 541-880-2234 for more information.

Foundation Board   

The KCC Foundation Board consists of the following members: Steve Tippin (Chair); Scott Powell (Vice Chair); Dawna Oksen (Treasurer); Victoria Flowers (Trustee); Marcus Henderson (Trustee); Morgan Lindsay (Trustee); Dr. Edward McClure (Trustee); Joey Oswald (Trustee); Cheryl Riggs (Trustee); Phillip Squibb (Trustee); Dr. Mara Supan (Trustee); Jean Pinniger (Associate Member); Jim & Sherry Bellet (Emeritus Members); and William Riggs (Board of Education Liaison).