Catalog 2019-20 
    Sep 16, 2019  
Catalog 2019-20

Full-Time Faculty

Adala, Ahmed. (2014). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., M.S., Northeastern Illinois University.

Brandsness, William P. (2010). Program Lead and Faculty, Computer Information Systems. B.S., University of Oregon; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; M.S., Boston University.

Briscoe, Jennifer. (2012). Program Lead and Faculty, Health Information Management. B.S., Grand Canyon University; M.B.A., H.C.M., University of Phoenix; HIM, RHIA, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Brown, Anthony. (2017). Faculty, Automotive Technology. A.S., Klamath Community College.

Bullock, Peggy. (2015). Program Lead and Faculty, Education. A.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; B.S., Southern Oregon University; M.Ed., Freed-Hardeman University.

Cassady, Dr. Mark. (2011). Faculty, Anatomy & Physiology. B.S., Portland State University; M.D., Windsor University School of Medicine.

Cochran, Jo Whitehorse. (2007). Faculty, Arts & Communication. B.A., M.A., University of Washington.

Culp, Marylin. (2005). Faculty, Health Science & Program Director, Nursing Assistant. A.D.N., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Duren, Keith. (2006). Program Lead and Faculty, Agriculture. A.S., Mesalands Community College; B.S., M.S., Montana State University.

Gravley, James. (2018). Program Lead and Faculty, Criminology. B.S., Portland State University; M.S., Eastern Oregon University.

Gutierrez, Eleazar. (2007). Faculty, Biology & Physics. B.S., Oregon State University.

Hansen, Joni. Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., Utah Valley University; M.A.S., Colorado State University.

Harpham, George. (2014). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., Southern Oregon University; M.A., University of Phoenix.

Hewitt, Kathy. (2006). Program Lead and Faculty, Accounting. B.S., San Diego State University; M.B.A., University of Phoenix.

Hickel, Cheryl. (2016) Faculty, Nursing. B.S., Walden University.

Himes, Kasey. (2005). Program Lead and Faculty, Emergency Management Services.

Huston, Dr. Jeremy. (2019). Faculty, Writing. A.A., Columbia Basin College; B.A., M.A., Eastern Washington University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

Knight, Jean. (2016) Faculty, Arts & Communication. B.S., UC Riverside; M.A., CSU San Bernardino.

Lanning, Troy. (2017). Faculty, Cybersecurity & Networking. B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology; M.S., Arizona State University. 

Mann, Dr. Barbara J. (2007). Faculty, Chemistry. B.S., Northland College; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Nejely, Tom. (2000). Faculty, History & Geography. B.A., M.A., UC Riverside; M.A., Vermont College.

Pence, Stanley. (2016). Program Lead and Faculty, Computer Aided Design. B.S., San Jose State University; B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology.

Saunders, Cathy. (2006). Program Lead and Faculty, Business Technology. B.S., Oregon State University; M.S., Southern Oregon University.

Scott, James. (2016). Program Lead and Faculty, Aviation. B.S., Penn State University; M.S., Naval Postgraduate School.

Sheahan, Daniel. (2015). Faculty, Psychology. B.S., Oregon State University; M.A., George Fox University.

Strunk, Ann. (2016). Faculty, General Computer Applications. B.S., M.A.T., Southern Oregon University. 

Vierra, Richard. (2014). Program Lead and Faculty, Culinary Arts. Certificates in Hospitality Management, Columbia College.

Walter, Matthew D. (2011). Program Lead and Faculty, WeldingLos Positas College; Teaching Credential, UC Berkeley Extension; Certification, American Welding Society; Certificate, A.A., College of San Mateo.

Wery, Dr. Ronda. (2002). Faculty, Arts & Communication. B.A., Southern Oregon University; M.A., Oregon State University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

Williamson, Linda Davenport. (2004). Program Lead and Faculty, Business Administration. B.S., M.M., Southern Oregon University.

Wilson, Dodi. (2013). Faculty, Biology. B.S., UC Davis; M.S., Colorado State University.

Wogan, Mary Lou. (2003). Faculty, Mathematics. B.S., University of Oregon; M.S., Southern Oregon University.

Wood, Maggie. (2010). Faculty, Arts & Communication. B.A., M.A., University of Utah.

Part-Time Faculty

Atkin, Suzanne J. Speech.

Baker, Brad. Digital Media and Design.

Baker, Megan. Digital Media and Design.

Barnett, Jacob. Fire Science.

Birrer-Lundgren, Jessamyn. Writing.

Brown, Devon. Fire Science.

Chamberlin, Douglas. Computers.

Chase, Morgan. Mathematics.

Chavez, Joseph. Apprenticeship.

Collison, Karin. Writing.

Cook, Steven. Diesel.

Cooper, Nigel. Aviation.

Cornell, Emma. Writing.

Cronquist, Jayme. Mathematics.

Dier, Dean. Writing.

Dodson, Rebekah E. Writing.

Dwinnells, Steve. Philosophy.

Edwards, Amanda SEconomics.

Ellis, Corri. Business.

Evinger, Tim. Criminal Justice.

Fenyk, Juliet M. Psychology. 

Franklin, Valerie. Health & Physical Education.

Frey, Amy. Health & Physical Education.

Fuquay, Michelle. Computer Information Systems.

Hakanson, Kaitlin. Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology.

Hart, Bud. Mathematics.

Hockersmith, Patrick. Speech.

Howland, Richard E. Welding.

Jones, Dawn. Health Information Management.

Knutson, Gretchen. Education.

Linnehan, James. Art.

Mace, Nicole. College Success, Computers, Education.

Marostica, Anthony. Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

McClung, Abbie. Business.

McInnis, Joy M. Health & PE.

McMann, Patricia H. Business.

Murphy, Ivan. Mathematics.

Myers, Katrina. Writing.

Nicholas, Julia. Biology & Physics.

Oden, Dennis. Business & Criminal Justice.

Pascual, Manuela. Spanish. 

Paul, Kenneth. Fire Science.

Peoples, Franklin Jay. Addiction Studies.

Poteet, Raquel. Spanish.

Rajnus, Julie. Psychology.

Reeves, Brandy. Culinary.

Rodriguez, Filomeno. Apprenticeship, Health Science.

Shearer, Jerry. Apprenticeship.

Shinn, Jessie. Art.

Smith, Melissa. Culinary.

Smith, Sean. Culinary.

Solyst, Daniel T.  Mathematics.

Stoutamore, James F. Computers.

Taylor, Kristine. Medical Terminology.

Taysom, Lois. Mathematics.

Vallis, Lance. Music.

Walker-Henderson, Kathleen D. Early Childhood Education.

Ware, Andrea. Writing.

West, Michael. Biology.

Williams, Wendy. Writing.

Young, Christopher. Art.